Otto Tactical Tools


The Company

Otto Tactical Tools is a small independent manufacturer of  heirloom quality pocket tools based in West Michigan. Founded in January of 2015 by Cory Tietz when he sought to find a more durable and functional option to the standard plastic or wooden pocket combs on the market. With his Computer Aided Design and Product Engineering background he conjured up the Beerd Tool, a multi-functional comb with an integrated pocket clip and bottle opener.

The Founder

Cory Tietz was born and raised in a small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan where he still resides with his wife and daughter. After graduating high school he did what everyone told him to do since he was young and set off for college. After getting hit by what life is really like he dropped out of college and joined the Michigan Army National Guard where he served a tour in Afghanistan. After departing the military he despised having to shave so he grew your typical "veteran beard" and has no plans to shave it.... ever.... This leads us back to needing a durable comb to carry all day to comb both the hair on his head and the hair on his face. Thus leading to the founding of Otto Tactical Tools.